Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Cheeps and Firetrucs

So I logon to last week upon picking up a Motorola M500 5 Gig MP3 player. Its a cool little device that is cheaper than an ipod mini - I just had to fill it. This MP3tunes site has only been up for a couple of weeks (?) I think. Its a DRM-free site that allows you to make as many copies of the songs downloaded as you see fit. Cool huh..and like emusic, its not a Major Lable darling. The major lables would rather you only have one copy of each track, etc. So its filled with indie releases for the most part. Its library isn't exactly HUGE yet - but it was a good start for me at least... Songs are only $0.88 a pop so its cheap enough.

Soooo I click a few artists and here are the 1st 2 bands I snagged:

The Cheeps, "The Cheeps" released 2004- Holy shit this is some great raw Rock 'n Fuckin' Roll. Definatly reminds me of New Bomb Turks/Humpers/Strokes. These guys are from Washington state and this self titled release came out in the later part of '04 on Slovenly Recordings/ . These guys are definatly not fucking around when it comes to beer soaked good times. The guys have a keyboard and horn player too keeping the sound very original from the latest glam-dolls re-tread stuff that has been coming out as of late. Check them out and if you are to d/l any track I'd say make sure you get "Don't Cry For Me" and "Cold Cold Cookie". Oh yeah...devine garage rock!

The Firetrucs, "Hovercraft LP" released 2002 - Its been out for a bit I guess but I never heard of them before which was my miss for sure. The bad news is I found them clasified as "emo" - which honestly is a stretch. I really thought I was listening to the Meices again to be honest. Their tounge-in-cheek lyrics and the louder than life 3 piece sound reminds my of the now-defunct Bay Area band. There are so many crazy-catchy pop songs like their, "Hats off to (rivers) Cuomo" track:

"...When is summer comming back.. I still got my marshall stacks... all my friends their smoking crack...and I reeeally want you baaack."

A fun tribute(?) to Weezer - I don't really care - its just great to be bopping your head to a lyric with the word "crack" in it if you ask me. Nope, I wouldn't say Tony Parks (guitar/vocals) is a lyrical master - but thats not the point - the band has enough gems in there to clearly call them heavypoppunk tunesmiths. They are from the Twin Cities area, don't clearly know on what label, nor do I know if they are still around..but I want more!


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ah Yes, a list to start things

Good Idea - This will be very tough. But here goes mine

10 - John Coltrane, "A Love Supreme"
9 - The Replacements, "Don't Tell A Soul"
8 - The Stooges, "Funhouse"
7 - Husker Du, "Metal Circus"
6 - Big Star, "#1 Record"
5 - Whiskeytown, "Faithless Street"
4 - Sonic Youth, "Daydream Nation"
3 - The Goo Goo Dolls, "Hold Me Up" Hey, in 1990 they were important to me, Still great album
2 - The Clash, "London Calling"
1 - The Replacements, "Let It Be"

Oh man, I am sure I will want to change this in 10 mins. after posting - but RIGHT NOW this is the list. Thanks for the kind words Dan. I just glad now its gotten to the point where I can ask you questions and ask you opinions on what to check out.

Off topic reguarding the list, but tommorow I plan on mentioning a few new bands I have recently downloaded off of (new DRM-Free indie MP3 outfit just launched)... I got really lucky in just off picking a few artists and I will report my findings. !oo!


Little Brother Speaks!

Well hello. I'm Dan, 23, currently residing in the Philadelphia area, and I like music. Let's consider this a 'test post,' shall we? I figure there's no better way to start off a music blog than a top ten list. I'm going to call this my 'Top Ten List of Favorite Albums in Terms of Their Significance in My Life' (pretty long title, in'nit?)

10. Wire - Pink Flag
9. Modern Lovers - S/T
8. The Fall - Live at the Witch Trials
7. Minor Threat - Complete Discography
6. Husker Du - Zen Arcade
5. Lyres - Lyres Lyres
4. Gang of Four - Entertainment!
3. Sonic Youth - Washing Machine
2. Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
1. Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime

I was hesitant to include SY on there twice, but goddamn, they were everything to me in high school. When I was 14, Sean was nice enough to play "Washing Machine" for me in his Audi. I believe the first time he played it we were our way to the Penn-Can mall for some strange reason. It was around that same time that he played "Double Nickels" in his car, driving me home from somewhere, kinda late at night. These two albums, along with Mudhoney's "EGBDF" (which he sort of made me buy with birthday money - thanks again, by the way), were the driving force in the abandonment of my Pearl Jam and Metallica tapes for music with a little more...i dunno...soul. And to think I once owned Oasis's first disc as well as Sponge's debut. Oh, the horror!

And now, thanks to Sean, I am a raging music snob. I am opinionated. I piss people off. Fuck em, I don't care. I am enlightened and they are idiots. See what I mean? S-N-O-B. So fuck off with your emo shit, bitches. May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman.

Neil, Dan

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ok so...

This is the first post on the blog. I have never done anything like this before and I am looking forward to any feedback that we may get. By WE I mean my brother and I. My name is Sean Fitzgerald, and I live in Syracuse, New York. My brother is Dan Fitzgerald and he is located in Phillidephia, PA.

My brother and I have varied musical tastes. Some of it new and a ton of it old stuff...(that was the GOOD shit right..anyway) I think I can speak for my brother that we both listen to and talk about music all the time. And we definatly have our own opinions - like anyone else really. It is our hope to use this forum as a way for us to discuss what we are listening to and hopefully bless the few wierdos that check this blog out on what they should check out. Or even tell us why we are off base.

Trends in music come and go and then re-appear as the old/new again, all the time. In a way its a load of crap but the up side in some cases is it allows new artists to make their fans aware of what is out there. I think you will see us talk about all sorts of old acts that are so important to us and also probably some new stuff that we think is great- and probably what is utter shit too. Basically instead of us just wasting our wireless minutes talking about music - we can have some sort of outlet to other besides just us.

I don't know how long it will take to really get comfortable with this for me - but I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of this. I will let my little bro say what he wants - as far as an introduction if he wants - but hopefully we can hit the ground running with this ASAP..what ya think Dan!?!